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In & Around Dresden, Photography - Uljana Egli - 28. January 2014

wood logs

It was one  of those days that started with these good intentions to catch up on work and actually use the quiet of Sundays to get some things of my to-do-list crossed off. Only then it turned out to be such a beautiful day with clear skies, sunshine and crisp snow that I couldn’t bear the thought of not going out for a least a couple of hours. This winter has been strangely warm with no snow until now.

Equipped with my cameras I took the dog and went out to a nearby forest that I tend to go to often as it’s very close and not being frequented by a lot of people.

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In & Around Dresden, Photography - Uljana Egli - 24. January 2014

It is rather interesting how a little bit of snow can help with making these long greyish winter days somewhat more bearable.

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